McCargar Genealogy and History

About this Site

This site is dedicated to the Genealogy and History of the McCargar (McCarger) family. Our primary focus has been on the research and documentation of the McCargar family; however, we also include as much information as we can find on the other individuals who are linked to the McCargar family (spouses, spouses' parents, non-McCargar children).

The Database

Our database contains the most comprehensive collection of McCargar information ever assembled in one place. We have collected information from census records; birth, death, and marriage records; cemetery records; military records; immigration records; land records; and publications.

We have well over 5000 names in our database, of which over 95% represent direct descendents (and their spouses) of a single individual - Thomas McCargar. The remainder (less than 5%) represent McCargars (including some foreign born) we have been unable to link to Thomas's line and individuals whose surnames may be spelling anomalies of McCargar.

The one exception from the above categories is Joseph McCargar (Thomas's older brother). Joseph is the only McCargar we can link to Thomas's line that is not one of Thomas's descendents. Unfortunately, we have been unable to confirm any descendents for Joseph, so he remains the only exception.

The History

The history of the early North American McCargars is based on a lot of documentation, a little family lore and some speculation. We do not profess that the history presented here is written in stone. We have had to make numerous changes as we discovered new documents that expanded, altered or contradicted information in the stories, or that suggested new alternate theories on what happened so long ago.


We have created biographies for several of the early McCargars. As with the history documents, the biographies are based on a lot of documentation, a little family lore and some speculation.

Any new data, theories, stories, corrections or challenges are welcome. Send to: (Please provide sources if possible)

Recent Updates:

May 11, 2017

Updated biography for Sarah THOMAS (wife of Thomas McCargar Sr.)

January 10, 2013

Cleaned up the underlying structure and converted the pages to PHP.